“i brought you flours”


Actually, I brought myself flowers. White Gerber daisies (which I usually think are cliche and trite*) and bright purple orchids.

The strong, independent, self-sufficient girl in me told myself: “It’s fine to buy yourself flowers. You like flowers, you’ve worked hard all week, and it is perfectly alright that you want to treat yourself.”

The other, ridiculous half of my brain kept saying: “LAAAAAME.” I kept thinking that if I had a beau, someone handsome would’ve done the errand for me.

… but I know that isn’t entirely true. I know a few girls who tell me their bfs think flowers are useless and a waste because “they’re just going to die”. This is also untrue.

Men of the World, listen up:

Nothing is a waste if you make your girlfriend feel happy and special. Just buy the damn flowers, so she doesn’t have to do it herself.

Bonus points if it’s on an ordinary day. “Just Because” flowers are better than any holiday bouquet. Trust.

*just don’t ever buy carnations. they are nothing but a cheap weed.


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