vamp love


I'd let them bite me.


I have Twilight fever. Yes, I know the books are ridiculous. Yes, I know there is no literary value in Stephanie Meyer’s writing. Yes, I know Robert Pattinson doesn’t bathe, and that if I ever actually met a guy like Edward I would run, not walk, away because he’s a creeper. (Seriously, he’s possesive and obsessive and moodier than a 12 year old girl. No thanks.)

BUT, I can’t help it. So, I will fly my freak flag high and dive right in with my random thoughts.

1. “Kstew” and “Rpatz” (as A calls them) are not necessarily attractive individuals, but, with their powers combined they are aesthetically complementary of one another. They just go together. See above.

2. Kristen Stewart is pretentious, snotty, stoner who can’t act and pretends like she doesn’t want to be famous (I call bull-shit).  She is also one lucky bee-otch. Good for her.

3. Luckier still is Stephanie Meyer. She wrote one good story, sloshed her way through three more books and her work was miraculously adopted by teenagers, moms, hollywood, and rock stars…

4. Which brings me to my next point. Since when did musicians decide that Twilight is the coolest thing ever? The New Moon soundtrack features completely hipster-approved bands such as Muse, the Killers, Grizzly Bear, Thom Yorke, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (just to name a few). Was there a convention? Did they all get together for coffee (read: booze) and lay out a plan that used their talents to turn something mediocre into something really cool?

Whatever, I’m still going to be at the movie theater on November 20.


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