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working girl

Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! Thank you Jay-sus, I’m employed. My new title is “Receptionist”, but it might as well be “Pam Beasely”, because that’s what I am… unfortunately, minus a Jim. Not to worry. Now that the money is flowing in (and by flowing, I mean trickling) I’ll just BUY a man.

Ok, not really, but I feel very can-do at the moment, even if my life is already on the cusp of drudgery and routine. This calls for Mary. New mantra: What Would Mary Do?

MTM, Camilla Belle

Here is Camilla Belle, the Jo-Bro slayer herself, channeling Ms. Moore. Lovely.


those who can’t do

I’ve thought for a while about becoming a teacher and have recently begun to look into Teach for America, among other things. Why do I want to teach? Honestly, because I sort of have a knack for it and I can’t get hired anywhere else. Yeah, it isn’t my first choice, but, I’ve realized that I like kids. 


I HAVE always wanted to be like Doris Day. Que sera sera, right?

 I never disliked children, but I’ve recently realized that other people do. While my co-workers/ roommates all HATE the campers (ages 9-12) staying in our building right now, I find myself striking up conversations with them. They are charming and interesting; tiny versions of real, grown-up sized people. 


Or what about Miss Honey from Matilda (as portrayed by Embeth Davidtz)? Best fictional teacher, ever. Thanks Roald Dahl.


Just one more... lovely.


hire me. seriously.

I need a job. One might wonder why, if I am so unemployed, am I wasting time writing a blog that no one will probably ever read. Well 1) you can’t job search all day, you’ll go nuts 2) I like writing, and this is one more style to explore 3) if someone DOES happen to read this, they might want to interview me .  This article says it can’t hurt.

Anyway, I’ll now explain why I should be employed. First of all, I am a young, intelligent, competant, responsible, educated, dedicated worker. All that should count for something. Second, I have a degree in History. Now, you might wonder why I’m not teaching. Answer: Because I don’t want to (yet). Besides, a History degree has a lot of hidden benefits. I can write about, analyze, and research ANY topic. I can read a lot of jumbled papers and pull out the important information. AND, I know fun trivia– Anne Boleyn had 6 fingers on one hand, and Cleopatra had a huge hook-nose. Third, I don’t complain. Fourth, I have common sense. Fifth, I have excellent customer service skills, and a fantastic phone voice.

Basically, I can do anything. 

File:Cleopatra VII tetradrachm Syria mint.jpg

Cleopatra, and her big schnoz.

File:Anne boleyn.jpg

A portrait of Anne B, with the hands conveniently hidden. Sneaky.

There are other things I’m good at too. I can bake. I would totally be the co-worker who brings cake to the office on Fridays. And who doesn’t like cake?