’round the mountain

Now that I’ve had a weeklong sabbatical- which was hectic in the most wonderful way- it’s time to share updates.

R, the cousin, is married! It took a lot of sweat and tears and deep breaths (the altitude was rough) but we managed. Here are some pictures:




Dear Austin, 

I don’t know what to say. I’m leaving tomorrow, and after four years there don’t seem to be any words that can express how I feel about you, or how much I’m going to miss you. 

I’ve learned so much about life, and people, and myself because of you. There is magic here in the sounds and heat which has changed me for the better. Thank you. I’m in your debt and will love you forever, and forever. 

with a tear and a smile…


let’s go

So, moving day has turned into moving WEEK, I guess. Yesterday I decided to charge ahead, with V, to Dallas. We threw caution to the wind and… came out alright. Clear skies the whole way. (go figure). 

Anyway, now moving has become a week-long project. Dad will supposedly come tomorrow and help move some more things and I will take my final bow on Saturday. This is taking WAY too long. 


hair today…

I know, I know. It’s NOT breaking news… good thing I’m not CNN.

Michelle Obama got a haircut, and it’s adorable (duh). So chic and effortless. Thoughts?


Here's Michelle Obama with her lovely new haircut- a very flattering bob. Hooray for stylish first-ladies!

rain rain go away

The sky looks kind of like this…


… minus the charm of the La Push Reservation Beach (where this was taken). Usually, I love rainy days. I bask in the relief from the oppressive dictatorship of the sun. But, today the rain is screwing with my good intentions.

Moving-day: Rescheduled.

try baby

I am completely in love with this old song (that I never knew existed until now), called Keep On Tryin’ by Poco. 


Why yes, I would love to hop on the back of your motorcycle and take a ride around the coast. Thanks.

Here are some lyrics:

And I’ve been drinkin’ now

just a little too much

And I don’t know how

I can get in touch with you

Now there’s only one thing

for me to do, that’s to

get home to you.

It makes me want to fall in love with a musician so he’ll write songs like this about me. *Swoon*

it’s “town lake”

I don’t know what this business about changing the name of town lake is, but that’s what it is. TOWN. LAKE. 

I went running there a few days ago, and it was fantastic. Congress Bridge, SRV statue, dogs… what’s not to love?